The Traditional Model is Broken

Wisconsin is a franchise state. All the distributors are becoming brand collectors. They shelve new brands to stop them from competing from their higher volume brands. There is little to no incentive for a distributor to grow your brand. As much as they promise to sell, the results are often underwhelming.

If you want to go to another distributor the current distributor will hold you hostage and will not allow you to sell. If they do decide to give you permission to sell, they will require an absurd amount of money. If you are lucky to find another distributor willing to pay that amount, the brewery sees none of the money -- it all goes to the original distributor.

Distributors argue that the only way to sell your brand is through high discounts and will ask the brewery to co-op them. They apply the same sales tactics to all brands whether they are selling a $14.99 bottle or $6.99 six pack, which is detrimental to high end brands.

They all have big brewery names that they have to service and will prioritize over the rest of the brands in their portfolio.

These are the specific problems we aim to fix.