American Solera - Tulsa, OK

solera - /səˈlɛərə/ - Noun - a system for aging sherry and other fortified wines, in which younger wines in upper rows of casks are used to top up casks of older wines stored below in order to produce a consistently aged blend. Recently named the 2nd Best New Brewery in the World for 2016 and Best New Brewery in the United States for 2016 by, American Solera is a creative craft brewery specializing in the oak barrel aging process. Most of our beers are aged 6 to 18 months prior to bottling. Giving each beer its own unique flavor profile. And with a cellar of 16 foeders, puncheons, and wine barrels the possibilities are endless.


Aslin Beer Co - Herndon, VA

Since the inception of Aslin Beer Company, Andrew, Kai, & Richard wanted to create a company that they all would want to work for. They have strived to create a culture that celebrates beer with a passion and depth of knowledge that can’t help but be contagious to our customers. We realize that our beer is not the only product we provide, but a long lasting relationship between our company, employees, and customers. Aslin Beer Company doesn’t take itself too seriously. Any why should we? Beer is fun. It’s for kicking back: vacations, parties, hangouts. Along with the fun and humorous atmosphere, our founders’ have a passion and dedication to create a good product and have a commitment to provide the best beer to all passionate beer drinkers alike. Our company will craft only the highest quality ales, lagers and variants that will help redefine American beer culture, re-educate the consumer palate and revive people’s passion, while using the highest quality ingredients from around the world as well as sourced locally.


The Brewing Projekt - Eau Claire, WI

The Brewing Projekt’s mission is to create damn good beer. Not beer that EVERYONE will like; rather beer that many will love. Boring just isn’t our style. From humble beginnings they have become one of Wisconsin’s hottest breweries with innovating styles and flavors!


Central State - Indianapolis, IN

Central State is the only brewery in the state of Indiana focused primarily on the wilder and farmhouse sides of fermentation.  Specializing in farmhouse beers, sours and eccentrically hopped IPAs.  Founded by a technically-minded team with an experienced brewer, Central State aims to contribute to the innovation and knowledge-sharing culture that has defined this new generation of American brewing through experimentation, collaboration, and artisanal gypsy brewing. Their portfolio of beers is enormous, creative, and delicious!

Colony Font.JPG

Colony Nectar Co. - Madison, WI

Colony Nectar makes sparkling session meads in Madison, Wisconsin by finding the finest Wisconsin honey to use in each handcrafted batch. All of their products are simple, refreshing and gluten-free. They started with an idea to turn the finest honeybee nectar into a delicious human nectar. They have hand crafted a variety of dry, clean, and aromatic sparkling meads that highlight the unique flavors of each honey.


Crooked Stave - Denver, CO

Crooked Stave is a progressive, artisan brewery that strives to blend brewing science and art, through creativity and following our passion. It’s the culmination of Founder and Brettanomyces Guru Chad Yakobson’s open source Master’s research, The Brettanomyces Project. After studying a Masters in Brewing Science in Scotland, Chad moved back to Colorado in order to pursue his passion in all things fermented. They are based in Denver, Colorado while the unique beers they produce draw inspiration from worldly adventures. The artistic creations, all of which use Brettanomyces yeast and mature in oak, result in beers of extraordinary complexity. All of their beers are produced from the highest quality ingredients, using contemporary and historic brewing techniques aimed at evolving ones perception of what beer is and focused on delivering the best possible drinking experience.

Dachs logo.jpg

Dachs - Waunakee, WI

Dachs is Wisconsin’s Finest Premium Lager. Made from the best ingredients Dachs is incredibly drinkable, and perfect while tailgating at Camp Randall or ice fishing Lake Koshkonong.



Destihl Brewery - Normal, IL

DESTIHL is an independent, privately-owned company, and our plan is simple: to continue raising the bar whenever and wherever possible. Since its opening, the production brewery has been recognized and honored by numerous craft beer industry insiders, organizations and competitions. To name just a few, DESTIHL Brewery has been named a “Breweries to Watch” by Draft Magazine, has won 3 medals at the Great American Beer Festival® in Denver, has won multiple medals and Best in Show & Runner-Up Best in Show accolades at the National Wood-Aged Beer Competition at the Festival of Barrel-Aged Beer in Chicago, and has been included in “186 of the Best Beers in the World” by All About Beer magazine. DESTIHL was founded on the promise of supporting flavor and boycotting bland.


Drekker Brewing Co. - Fargo, ND

We are proud to partner with one of the hottest breweries in the Midwest, Drekker Brewing Co!  From their website: “Beer is our craft, but Drekker is about more than the contents of a glass. It’s about what happens when a few of those glasses get raised together. It’s about doing what you want to do, in a cool place, with people you want to be with. Drekker is about you after all. We love that you’d care enough to join us, and we can’t wait to see where this voyage goes when a couple more beers get raised together. Valhalla can wait.”


Equilibrium Brewery - Middletown, NY

Considered one of the best and most sought after East Coast breweries today, Equilibrium Brewery combines research and Inspiration to balance drinkability with massive flavor. At Equilibrium we intend to make uncompromisingly great beer founded on scientific principles and a love for drinking craft beer. We will brew what we love to drink and share this with you.


Foreign Objects - New Palzt, NY

Foreign Objects is focused on creating intensely aromatic New-American Hoppy Ales, mysterious and inspiringly complex Franco-Belgian Farmhouse beers, and subtle, earthy, unquestionably drinkable German ungespundet lagers.


Funk Factory Geuzeria - Madison, WI

Funk Factory is focused on exploring the traditional production of Lambic and Lambic derived products such as Geuze, Lambic, Fruited Lambic, and Gueuze. It has quickly become one of the most respected sour beer creators in the country. Untappd has Funk Factory Geuzeria as the Highest Rated Brewery in Wisconsin!


The Giving Brewery - Waunakee, WI

The Giving Brewery donates 100% of Profits to local Wisconsin Charities in need. Some of those charities include: The Road Home of Dane Co, Fetch Wisconsin Pet rescue, Second Harvest, and the Natural Resource Foundation.




Green Bench Brewing Co. - St. Petersburg, FL

Green Bench Brewing Co. is St. Petersburg’s first craft microbrewery. In the early 1900’s St. Petersburg was known as the “City of Green Benches”. At their height some 2,500 benches lined the downtown sidewalks inviting passers-by to slow their pace and make friends of strangers. These benches were a gathering place for residents and tourists alike, and served as a symbol of our hospitality, bringing people together each day. True to their original purpose, we envision Green Bench Brewing Co. beer, and our tasting room, to serve as a modern day catalyst for community and cheer.


Horus Aged Ales - Oceanside, CA

Horus Aged Ales is a 99% barrel aged brewery located in Oceanside, California. We believe in pushing the boundaries on how much beer can evolve through resting in oak by using a variety of different wine and spirit barrels, adding exotic fruits, and fermenting spontaneously. The complexity of the beer portrays our passion for experimentation and patience required to produce such a unique beverage. Horus has been a decade long dream that is finally coming true and we look forward to introducing our exclusive beer to the fine people of San Diego County.


Listermann Brewing Co – Cincinnati, OH

One of Cincinnati’s oldest breweries, Listermann has been a staple in Ohio, but even more impressive are the numerous awards they’ve won. Most notably those include Best in Show at FoBAB (festival of Barrel Aged Beers) and multiple GABF (Great American Beer Festival) medals. They are a pioneer and an innovator in the craft brewing world. The beer is an absolute must try!


Mikerphone Brewing - Elk Grove, IL

Why Mikerphone, not Microphone you may ask?  Well, Owner and Head Brewer Mike Pallen has always had two passions in life; music and beer. Mike and his team have become one of the hottest breweries in the country, winning numerous medals, competitions, and collaborating on some of the highest rated beers on Untappd. His talent is only surpassed by his passion and we are happy to have him as a brewing partner.


Octopi Brewing - Waunakee, WI

Octopi Brewing Company has become one of the fastest growing breweries in the Midwest. By using state of the art equipment and brewing techniques they are producing some of the best high end craft beer the Midwest has seen.


Restoration Cider Co. - Madison, WI

Restoration Cider Co. is a small, veteran-owned business based in Madison, Wisconsin.  They fell in love with cider in Northwest Spain, where making complex, dry, refreshing cider and pairing it with spectacular food is a centuries old tradition. Through trial and error they succeeded in making crisp, dry, refreshing cider that is worlds away from the soda-like sweet stuff that is common on this side of the pond.  And they’ve done it using apples grown in the Driftless Area of Southwest Wisconsin. 5% of the profits at Restoration Cider Co. go directly to stream restoration projects.


Speciation Artisan Ales - Comstock Park, MI

Nature’s creativity and diversity is on display in their ever-changing beers. Speciation merely guide the process, using the finest available ingredients, their love of science, and a lot of patience. Speciation is inspired by how the biological variations in nature create new species over time, much like how our beers evolve in the bottle. With each release, their wild culture grows and changes, and since the beginning we have worked with it to make the best beer possible.


Southern Grist Brewing Co. - Nashville, TN

Southern Grist Brewing Company was founded by Jamie Lee, Kevin Antoon, and Jared Welch – three 2007 Nashville transplants who bonded due to their passion for making (and drinking) craft beer. It wasn’t long before their passion turned into a maniacal focus on opening a brewery in Nashville. Since the day their lofty goal was set, the same pillars have remained: be innovative, choose a setup and system that allows for constant change and flexibility with beer flavors, appeal to all palates, listen to what their drinkers want, build it in a great neighborhood with a community focus… And have fun.


Superstition Meadery – Prescott, AZ

Superstition Meadery is one of the world’s highest rated brewing/alcohol producing companies, well known for their incredibly flavorful meads and groundbreaking concepts. In their words: “We follow our mission to reintroduce the world’s oldest fermented beverage to mankind every day, and nothing makes us happier than seeing people enjoy our products. A founding member of the American Mead Makers Association, Jeff has served as a board member of AMMA. We combine the best honey in the world, Arizona honey, with the best international ingredients” to make exceptional mead.


Urban Artifact - Cincinnati, OH

Wild, funky, tart, mouthwatering and gossip-worthy! Our beers are inspired by our lifestyle, by the culture and community that we define, and by the microscopic natural world around us. We brew beers that can’t be tamed, that never fail to refresh the body and spirit, and that require one to experience the liquid in their glass.


Untitled Art - Waunakee, WI

Untitled Art has been a pioneer for brewing in Wisconsin by bringing new beer styles into a market filled with exhausting back stories and kitschy names, Untitled Art lets the beer speak for itself. It also can boast as the 3rd Highest Rated Brewery in Wisconsin via Untappd.


Voodoo brewery – Meadville, PA

The Employee Owners of Voodoo Brewing Co. have taken our brewing experiences and quirky personalities and wrapped it up into a line of beers oriented around what we feel are fun, flavorful, and thought-provoking. We wish you enjoy our beers as much as we do brewing them. Cheers!


Wild Mind Artisan Ales - Minneapolis, MN

Wild Mind Artisan Ales specializes in wild, sour, farmhouse, saison, and rustic ales through barrel aging and blending. All of their beers are brewed with Minnesota yeast cultured from around the state. Their 550 barrel facility, made entirely of oak, has traveled as far as Italy to help us promulgate age and complexity onto each of our beers. “Rich notes of bright oak and previous barrel residuals such as white wine, red wine, and gin gives our process a further reach into beer refinement. Our meticulous processes, usually dependent on style, take anywhere from a couple months up to many years before reaching your glass. We design our recipes around wild and spontaneous fermentation - each batch of beer will taste different than the previous batch.”


Two Tall Distilling - Sun Prairie, WI

We are a new family-owned and operated craft distillery in Sun Prairie, Wisconsin, just outside of Madison.  Our focus is on creating great craft spirits; as engineers by training and profession, we want to apply the engineering mentality to the world of distilling.  Our goal is to look for ways to improve the process, minimize waste, and create better and more consistent flavors and products through maximizing the science applied to each step.


Doundrins Distilling – Cottage Grove, WI

Pronounced ‘Down-drins’ - a local Wisconsin craft distilling company. Officially started in 2018 the Young Brandy will be their first product to hit the market. Doundrins first and foremost wanted to produce the highest quality craft product. Second, there was a common desire to enhance the community that surrounded them. Finally, they want to build a foundation and legacy for their growing families. 


18th Street Distilling – Hammond, IN

18th Street Distillery is the first artisan distillery to open since prohibition in Hammond, let alone Northwest Indiana. 18th Street Distillery produces Rye Whiskey, Bourbon, Gin, Rum and Moonshine. In fact they have already won 5 National awards for its Barrel Proof Rye Whiskey & its 90 proof Rye Whiskey. At the 2018 American Distilling Institute Craft Spirits Competition, both whiskeys received Bronze Medals. The Barrel Proof also took home a Bronze Medal for Best in Class. From the 2018 San Francisco World Spirits Competition, the 90 Proof Rye Whiskey took a Bronze Medal and the Barrel Proof Rye Whiskey took a Silver Medal.


Wahaka Mezcal – Oaxaca, Mexico


Wahaka is owned and produced by a single indigenous Zapotec family, a lineage that can be traced to beginnings of Mezcal itself. At Wahaka we insist our Mezcal be handmade as our ancestors intended–cooked in earthen pits, crushed under a millstone, and fermented in open-air vats. When it comes to authentic Mezcal, we believe the old world is still the best world.


NessAlla Kombucha - Madison, WI

Not all kombucha is created equal, and the holy grail of delicious booch lies in Madison, Wis. NessAlla Kombucha is delightfully different, with fresh and bright flavor combinations that please your palate, are wonderfully sophisticated, and pair well with meals. NessAlla has mastered and popularized a non-alcoholic fermented beverage at a local and sustainable level.


Strey Dog Old Fashioned Mix – Madison, WI

Strey Dog is a Madison born cocktail mix company that excels in Old Fashioned Mixes. This Orange zest forwards mix is sure to shake up the local drinking habits!