Pequod Distribution offers a new distribution model that fits high end craft brands. We are not a macro distributor. We only focus on high-end craft beer, and we understand how these beers sell.

We offer a more appropriate and less draconian contract for breweries

  • 1 year trial period with $1 buyout*
  • Year 2+, Brewery will reap the benefit of growing a new market and funds share if the brand sells

We only focus on the top 30% of craft accounts in Wisconsin. A big part of high end craft sales is branding, and a part of that branding is making sure you are in the right accounts. We will give you more control of your brand through special release events, target accounts, and work with you to develop the market. We have a smaller, but very high-demand portfolio of beers.

Supporting all of this is a highly-qualified group of salespeople with craft beer distribution background. All are Cicerone certified. Perhaps most importantly, We refuse to engage in pay-to-play or illicit activities. You will never hear stories of Pequod giving away marketing dollars in exchange for tap handles.

All of our beer is treated the same. We do not incentivize our sales staff and we put the same hard work & effort into all of our brands.

Pequod offers a fully secure 20,000 sq ft warehouse space and one of the largest beer coolers in the state. We also have a number of brand new cargo delivery vehicles, to help ensure our success.

We deliver to a growing number of top-tier craft beer accounts both on & off premise, throughout South Central and South East Wisconsin, with plans to rapidly grow into the East Central and Fox Valley markets.